Volunteers are needed - To protect and preserve our lake and way of life.
Desciptions of committee positions are listed below. Thank you for volunteering.

  Phone Number:
  Committees of interest to you?:  Equipment Maintenance
 Dam Maintenance
 Grounds Maintenance
 Fish and Wildlife
 Patrol/ Security/Rescue
 Legal and Environmental
  Best time to contact you?:
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Equipment Maintenance ~ Chairperson- ?

Oversee Dam functions & structural maintenance, 
Pre-storm inspections learn procedures and Monitor tree & embankment damages



Fish & Wildlife Management ~ Chairperson- Jason Nepstad

Identify & monitor fish and wildlife species re-stock Fish Annually Seek assistance from NC Wildlife Commission



Communications ~ Chairperson ?

Assist with newsletter, website, e-mail responses, and public relations Member social functions, public awareness campaigns and more



Dam Maintenance ~ Chairperson- ?

Signs, patrol lake, duck boxes, Fences and common area upgrades



Grounds Maintenance ~ Chairperson ?

Volunteers for lawn, trees, Duck and common areas To include Dam Embankment And Downside Slope



Patrol /Security & Rescue ~ Chairperson- ?

Establish written policies & volunteers to patrol As deemed necessary 



Legal & Environmental ~ Chairperson-  Ed Blanchard.

(Current Board  members comprise this committee)


Goals engage more participation from residents


Acquisition of land donations, Seek grants, defend lake, Pursue legal actions to cause government & businesses to Clean up storm water and lake

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