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The following rules were amended on April 26th, 2022 at the Board of Directors Annual Meeting

  1. All watercraft that can be propelled on the water requires two stickers.

    1. There will be a routine inspection this Summer, to verify and notify owners that do not have boat stickers.

    2. Violaters may be ticketed, towed, or have a violation issued by the NC Wildlife Commission

  2. Electric Motors Only, with No Wake on our lake

  3. No businesses on the Lake

    1. No selling access

    2. No boat tours

    3. No paid tours

    4. No boat rentals (kayaks, canoes, paddle boats)

  4. Proof of residency and boat ownership for stickers

  5. No fishing/casting within 10ft of watercraft (docked or otherwise)

  6. Lake is patrolled, and inspected by lake volunteer drones. This includes compliance for sticker inspection, dam maintenance, and such.

  7. ABSOLUTELY NO CLEARING OF MCFADYEN LAKE LAND. MOST shorelines are owned by the McFayden Lake Association, when clearing does occur, vegetation should remain 18 inches tall at the shoreline, and thinning and limbing of trees should go from ground level to a maximum of 18 feet above ground. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL REQUESTS FOR CLEARING OF VEGETATION TO mcfaydenlake@gmail.com FOR APPROVAL.

    1. This also goes for piers, docks, retaining walls, fountains and bulkheads

    2. Retaining walls must be approved by the MLA Board of Directors, requested in writing and approved.

    3. Fines may be imposed by the MLA Board Members, or its representatives, of $100 per day, until corrected, the procedure will include a hearing and appeals process via video meeting, or in writing. Violation meetings will be monthly, when violations are issued violators will receive notice of when their violation meeting will take place.

  8. Swimming is discouraged due to pollutants, geese are a large contributing factor. MLA is not responsible for any water accidents

  9. No feeding geese, geese pollute the lake with their fecal matter, and feeding them causes an increase in unsafe fecal coliform tests.

  10. No releasing of carp, koi or other non-native/invasive species

    1. Catch and release for any Largemouth Bass over 16 inches! If you plan to mount your catch, please take photos/measurements and have a replica made.

  11. No planting of lilypads or other aqutic plants

  12. No fishing or walking on the Mcfayden Lake Dam

  13. No dumping leaves into the lake

  14. No fish structures, fountain, or decorations/light in the Lake Water

  15. No guest memberships or unaccompanied visitors

    1. Non-members have caused many issues for our members, including theft of property, damage to property and other reckless violations

    2. Fines have been put in place for MLA member who allow guest access to the lake.

  16. Short-Term Rentals "Airbnb, Vrbo & etc." are NOT considered MLA members and anyone renting the property is considered a guest.
All members are cautioned that appropriate fishing 
and boat licenses are required



Each member of the McFayden Lake Association is allowed to keep 3 Bass and unlimited Crappie each day provided that: the bass are under 16 inches.


Guests are allowed to fish provided that the McFayden Lake Association Member is present. Guests are not allowed to keep any fish.


The McFayden Lake Association Member is held responsible for all action of their guests.


 Carp of all size Should be removed from the lake



Violators of McFayden Lake Rules

may be ticketed, towed and/or 
their membership revoked


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