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Embankment Erosion Repairs

Our earthen dam is under relentless and persistent attacks from Mother Nature. Hurricanes and Strong Thunderstorms can cause major damage but even a five minute rain shower takes away a little of its upstream and downstream embankments.

A strong maintenance and repair plan is the only solution to combat this menacing danger to ever earthen dam every built. SLOPE EROSION WILL NEVER GO AWAY.

Recently the MLA has expended over one thousand eight hundred dollars [$1, 800.00] to bring in eight tons of clay/sand dirt, grass seed, straw mats and labor to replace the soil that has washed away.  This is just one aspect of how MLA Dues are used.



There are still problems facing our dam; cracks and fissures in the main and emergency spillways, the spillway door and it mechanics are old and worn as is the dams fencing and the MLA docks are in need of replacement. Storm water sediment is a major factor in our embankment erosion. OUR LAKE IS SLOWING FILLING WITH SILT because of ever-increasing amounts of storm water from commercial and residential development. 

The lake's newest problem is several invasive aquatic plant species that seems to be overtaking the lake like the pandemic various. THESE NOXIOUS WEEDS COULD KILL OUR LAKE ECOLOGY AND AFFECT YOU FINANCIALLY.  

Buyers pay a premium for lakefront homes because they have beautiful views and offer access to water for swimming, boating, fishing among other amenities Incursions of invasive plant species can hinder recreation activities, block views, obstruct lake access, and damage, landscaping and docks. This potentially may lower your property values. Currently the cost to remove or eradicate this problem is 'unknown?

Hopefully with your dues and the recent passage of the special assessments monies will be available to improve the health of our lake and increase the dam's longevity. Giving future generations the enjoyment of living around McFayden Lake as we did.

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